Greetings Cardano community members,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about BONE Pool. My name is Gregg and I'm happy to answer any questions about pools, delegation or just crypto. I have a discord set up for helping anyone new to the space learn the lingo and get acclimated to this new style of wallets and addresses.

This also takes a lot of help from my business partner Krista, who is the tech wizard behind the server hardware. We have been in the pool space from the ITN days, and ultimately, aim to help decentralize the network.

We realized early on the competition between pools would be fierce so, a treasury was constructed by the two of us. Slowly we are building a WarChest full of rewards from buying community built projects and NFT's.

But, we havent neglected the Pledge, we have stuffed a ton of Ada in that account as a healthy pledge amount benefits the delegator. Since inception, Bone Pool has also been delegated to other stake pools including 5 Hosky RugPools.

Needless to say we are fans of the Hosky brand and the jovial antics that come from that community, so keeping with that spirit, we would like to share this treasure load of NFT's, Tokens and Ada with our loyal delegators.

Trying to balance the idea of how to divide all these rewards has been a challenge. Too much one way, the whale sized account cleans out the treasury. Too little, and there's no value. So, the distribution of prize % will have to be proportionate to the delegator and the amount of epochs spent. Everyone will not get the same, but there can't be a runaway train strategy either.

Truth behind all of it, "Amount of Epochs spent" is the most beneficial aspect of a delegator to the Cardano ecosystem, so any BONE Pool games that are to follow on this endeavor will all be centric to that idea.

Thanks for your time and for the interest. As a small prize for reading this far, please drop an address with the words "Delegator" in the discord. There is a channel marked "victory-junction" for info and distributing prizes. We cant do this without the delegators. Thanks for spreading the word!